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Red Lincar Ilaria Cooker. Solid Fuel / Wood Burning / Logs Range Cooker + Boiler – Special Red Majolica Lincar Solid Fuel Range Cooker with Boiler Why buy a 20 year old Rayburn Nouvelle, when you can have a new cooker for the same price?27.3 KW / 90,000+ BTUs of Heat maximum 2 years Warranty Glass doors so you can see the fire & the food cooking. Italian Style Telephone: 01327 307130 Please note: The price quoted includes VAT & delivery. It is available at 5% VAT if it is installed in a certain manner (ring for details).Please moreover note: This particular item is a special Ilaria with Majolica Red panels on the side. This means it is approximately £500 more than a standard Ilaria. If you’d like just a normal Black Ilaria, please contact us, or we can do a bespoke Ilaria with painted red sides for the same price as a black one. The Ilaria is a range cooker & boiler from 1 of Italy’s largest & most experienced solid fuel appliance manufacturer, Lincar, who have been in this business for over 60 years. It is their latest solid fuel appliance which benefits from countless years of experience with Italian style & quality. A third of Italian homes are heated by wood, so they know how to produce satisfactory stoves & cookers. The Ilaria is our most popular item & we have sold at least 1 to almost every county of the UK. This means that, if you want to see 1 in action, there is likely to be 1 near to you wherever you are in the UK (and we moreover have a number in France & as far afield as New Zealand!) Style The front of the cooker has 4 cast iron doors, which are each opened by lift-up handles. The top doors have windows, so you can see your sumptuous food cooking & watch the roaring fire. The top is finished either in stainless steel or cast iron with a hob cover. The side panels & the bottom door inserts are available with either enamelled steel or (optional) majolica panels. All water pipe work comes out of the back, to donate simple clean lines. The quality of the metalwork & complete is excellent. Control & use The Ilaria is designed to be highly flexible, effortless to control & simple to use.This starts with the main air control, which is semi automatic, so you just turn the dial to set the temperature you want & it does the rest.There is moreover a flue damper, which speeds heating up & makes it easier to start the fire. There is a diverter valve, which allows you to divert heat to either heat water or the oven, depending on what you need at the time.The final heat control is the fire grate, which can be raised & lowered in seconds, by turning a handle. This puts more or less heat from the fire into the boiler, meaning that you have greater controllability compared to other systems.All these controls mean that there is no for need firebricks to be inserted, meaning a light, easy-to-move stove that is internally robust, & no hernia in fitting & removing such bricks twice a year! Power & efficiency The “nominal” or average heat output is 22kW, of which 17.3kW goes to the radiators. Flat out, the maximum output is 27.3 KW (90,000+ BTU) & it is the both more efficient & more powerful than the alternatives. So, how does it achieve this? The Ilaria has a massive firebox & a secondary air inlet which burns the exhaust gas from the fire a second time, giving much more heat from the fire. This moreover reduces the emissions & smoke. This is the same technique as used in Clean-burn stoves. The firebox is designed to take wood up to 40 cm long, which can be difficult on other ranges. The firebox is moreover comparitively large, & can be loaded from the top (when cold) or from the large top left door (when hot). Conservatively, the Ilaria will heat 7-15 average radiators. An alternative measure is that it will heat a house which has a volume of up to 515 cubic metres, which translates as a 2000 sq ft house with 8ft high ceilings,assuming average insulation. So, it will cope with an average 3 bedroom house with ease. (We do have customers who are heating over 18 rads, in 5 bed houses, yet we would rather be conservative!) Reliability We have sold 100′s of Ilaria’s in the UK & have exceedingly rarely had any problems. Customers testify to how quickly it heats up, how much heat it puts out & how it can burn practically anything. The only calls we seem to obtain are from customers who are pleased with the item & would like accessories. If problems do occur, we see to them quickly & you’re covered by a 2 year manufacturers warranty (which we’ve yet to have a claim on). Installation The Ilaria must be connected to a central heating system which is pumped & vented, as for all other solid fuelled units. It can either be the only boiler in a central heating system or 1 of a number of heat sources, with a suitable controller. There must moreover be a suitable flue system & an air-vent to the outside. It is easier to move & hence install, compared to the more expensive alternatives. It is moreover VERY much easier to maintain & clean. Free delivery to England, Wales & Scottish Lowlands. Elsewhere? Then please email for a quote. Technical Specification: Spec Guide Overview Value Capability CH, HW, CO, RH Number of ovens 1 Certified Efficiency 72% Flue connection Top only Thermal Power KW Maximum Total 27.3 Nominal Total 22.0 Nominal Water 14.0 Nominal Air 8.0 Dimensions MM Width 900 Height 880 Depth 640 Flue Diameter 150 Water pipe diameter 1.25″ Oven Width 400 Oven Height 400 Oven Depth 600 Fire door height 400 Fire door width 400 Piping Hot Stoves sells a wide range of wood & biomass fuelled products for both domestic & commercial installations. We sell a range of wood burning boilers, pellet boilers, wood burning cookers, pellet stoves, log burners & wood burning stoves. The products range from basic installations for homes, to large scale commercial installations as part of the RHI program

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